Q: Is there an Age Limit?

A: Yes. We require that all students are at least 13 years of age. For students under 18 years of age, we require parent consent, however we do not require that parents are present at the clinic.

Q: What equipment is required?

A: We require that all students wear a vest when riding and that they have/borrow a rigging or bronc saddle. We also strongly encourage bringing a helmet, spurs, and gloves. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any equipment at this time.

Q: What if I have no experience?

A: We take all levels of experience! Based upon your skill level, we can adapt our program to meet your needs. Whether it be practicing on a saddle horse, steer, or bucking horse, we will be sure to provide all three "levels" of livestock.

Q: What is the program like?

A: Our general agenda will always include the following: demonstrations on safety and equipment, hours of arena time, and discussions on what the sport emotionally requires too.Another unique setting to an Ace High weekend, is that our instructors always cover the following aspects – safety, equipment, business management, and faith. Between demonstrations, one-on-one time, and plenty of practice, our students have the opportunity to become much more well-rounded than simply improving in the arena.

Q: Are your Class Sessions Free too?

A: Yes! Ace High was founded on the principle that all services will be provided at no cost, so that any and all who are interested in the rough stock industry may have a chance to participate.

Q: Who provides the stock?

A: Ace High has partnered with Cervi Championship Rodeo to provide all bucking horses. Depending on the students' average experience, Cervi Rodeo will bring horses that will best help their rider.

Q: Where are your clinics held?

A: Our schools are hosted by various partners, who determine the location of the school. If you would like to host a clinic, or learn more about how to host an Ace High school, please fill out our contact form.

Q: who are your coaches?

A: Our coaches are determined two weeks before each school, and are selected based upon the number of students who will be attending. Click here to learn more about our team.

Q: How do I gain access to my pictures and videos?

A: We have a photographer and videographer at every school. Links to videos and images are provided to all students through a general email. If you need further assistance, please email us.

Q: what makes your organization different?

A: With limited opportunities for saddle bronc and bareback riders, most bucking schools come at a cost. One of Ace High’s biggest trademarks, is that every clinic is free. This has allowed students to budget for travel and equipment, so that they may participate in our schools. 

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