Determined two weeks before every school, our coaches come equipped with experience from the arena, expertise in the details, and a heart full of desire to give back to the sport they love and live.


This tight timeline, of two weeks, might seem odd for a school that is determined months in advanced, but our coaches are selected based upon the class size of each discipline, along with the level of experience of each student. Our student to coach ratio will never go above 10:1, as we believe beyond this our students do not receive enough personal time with their coaches. While we do not require any previous experience before our clinics, we do try to align our students with coaches whose techniques best match their experience level. Ace High also strives to include different coaches at each school, so that students who attend more than one of our clinics can receive different perspectives.


Our program has been built, and continues to improve, with the help of these great athletes. Through their years of experience, our team has developed a three-day clinic which always places an emphasis on the following: know your tools first (a focus on safety and equipment,) practice the fundamentals (a lot of arena time,) and don't forget your heart (bringing your passion while executing through faith.)

Our coach lineup for the 2016 Stoneham, CO Clinic

Left to Right: Richie Champion, Cody DeMoss, Rick Smith, Clay Elliott, Orin Larsen, and Seth Hardwick. (Missing Kelly Timberman)


Our coaches have joined the Ace High Roughstock Academy out of the desire to help future riders. Giving back to the industry that has given them countless opportunities, these cowboys are more than coaches they are mentors to our students.


Audy Reed, Casey Coletti, CJ Aragon, Clay Elliot, Clint Johnson, Cody DeMoss, Cody Taton, Cort Scheer, Isaac Diaz, J.R. Vezain, Jacobs Crawley, Kaycee Feild, Kelly Timberman, Kyle Brennecke, Luke Creasy, Orin Larsen, Richie Champion, Rick Smith, Ryan Gray, Sterling Crawley, Steven Dent, Tanner Aus, Taos Muncy, Tim O’Connell, Ty Breuer, Tyler Corrington, Will Schaffer, and Winn Ratliff